EZ-ZONE GSD Editor 2.0

Configure communications between EZ-Zone products via GSD files
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2.0.70 (See all)

The EZ-ZONE GSD Editor software works in conjunction with Watlow’s line of EZ-ZONE controllers. The editor enables users to configure communications between products.
The EZ-ZONE GSD Editor application allows users to create custom general station description (GSD) files for configuring communications between EZ-ZONE products and other automation equipment supporting the PROFIBUS DP communications protocol.

It enables configuration of DP-V0 (cyclic) communication between EZ-ZONE devices and a PROFIBUS DP master such as a programmable logic controller (PLC).

It also optimizes PLC memory use by allowing cyclical messages to be configured with desired data only, and it makes it easy for PROFIBUS DP users to use EZ-ZONE products in their applications.

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